Week 35

This week we did superlatives which are basically awards. I won Mr. Rocky Hill which is the top one. We also helped with field day with 1st and kindergardeners. Before that we went to tour Bearden Middle. That is where I am going to middle school. We had field day yesterday. I did 4 events: Dress the teacher relay, boys relay, co-ed sack race, and boys hula hoop.


IMG_3891this is me and my cousin Baker

IMG_3920this is me helping with field day


Rocky Hill’s Top 10 Memories

10: My friends

9: Technology Class

8: Recess

7: Writing My Blog

6: Mr. Haney

5: Track and Field Meets

4: Helping K-1 With Field Day

3: Field Day

2: Capture The Flag


Week 34

Week 34 was awesome. We did so much. We wrote our own novels, mine was about the best baseball player getting hurt and struggling to recover. We also made movies we are not even close to being done. We went on a field trip to KARM Thrift Shop and homeless shelter. Here are some pictures.



Week 33

This week we took TCAPS. They were not that hard, but History was toughest. Everything else we did was play because we can’t learn during TCAP week. Today because we did so well we have hat day and a little free time. Tonight is our school’s rodeo. It is basically a carnival. Tomorrow I have two baseball games. I am batting leadoff because our leadoff hitter broke his elbow. I usually bat 2nd. I have experience batting leadoff though last year he hit 3rd and I was 1st. Also, I might be playing shortstop, 2nd base, center field, and pitch. I think we’ll do well.


Week 32

Week 32 was another 4 day week. This week we did TCAP prep and worked on our class garden. Wednesday night my baseball team, the Knoxville Fire played Franklin and John Paul’s team the Thunder. I batted lead-off and went 1-3 with a single up the middle the stole 2nd and slid head first into 3rd. Later that inning I scored the game’s first run. In the last inning I had a backhand stop at second baseball to get the 2nd out of the last inning. We won 5-2. Tonight is the meet of champions I am running the 400 meter dash. Bye.

Week 31

Week 31 was fun. We helped third graders prepare for the test all Knox County students in grades 3-5  called TCAP.  Tuesday it snowed. It was horrible. I can’t stand snow anymore. This Sunday’s Easter!! Saturday my baseball team has a tournament only Saturday though. We are playing 3 games. This week is only a four day week and so is next week  due to Easter. Friday, is Good Friday and we have a four day weekend. This will be so fun!



My Research

How Mountains and Oceans Effect Weather

By: Bo Millikan



Did you know that mountains and oceans are a huge part of your climate? You will learn how it is true in this paper. These reasons that are coming up will hopefully persuade you that mountains and oceans effect weather.


Mountains effect the weather in many ways, here will be some of the ways. First, they will block much of the wind and moisture on the windward side. Next, most rain from rain clouds on the windward side creates something called a rain shadow which often creates a desert on the leeward side. These are a few reasons how mountains effect weather.


Now, I will tell you about oceans. The west coast of the USA has a moderate climate by winds on the Pacific Ocean. A crucial role figuring out climate due to its ability to absorb, store, and transport heat. Another reason is seawater is the reason of more precipitation. Next, the first 10 feet of ocean water- most of this in the tropics and subtropics- hold as much heat as the whole atmosphere. Lastly, the ocean responds very slowly in the seasons, this causes it to have a moderating effect on climate. I hope you leaned a few things on how oceans and mountains effect weather.

Week 30

Week 30 was fun! On Monday, we made stuff for track and Monday night was the NCAA National Championship. It was Kentucky versus UConn. Kentucky was lead by freshman phonemes Aaron Harrison, James Young, and Julius Randle.  UConn was lead by a solid senior point guard under the name of Shabazz Naipier. UConn won 60-54. Tuesday was the best of them all because it was track day!! I ran the 400 meter dash and qualified for the Elite Meet! Everyone on track is going except 4th and 5th grade tug of war and 400 by 100 meter relay for 3rd grade. Wednesday, we watched the premiere for the track video. I will post that later. Today is my sister’s birthday she is now 13 years old! Tonight I am spending the night with my best friend/ cousin Baker, because my sister is having about 5 girls sleep over and believe me you wouldn’t want to be there either. This was an awesome week.

IMG_3357I got 4th but it still qualifies.

IMG_5002I am the beautiful model in front of the guy in the yellow shirt.

My Science PowerPoint

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