Week 31

Week 31 was fun. We helped third graders prepare for the test all Knox County students in grades 3-5  called TCAP.  Tuesday it snowed. It was horrible. I can’t stand snow anymore. This Sunday’s Easter!! Saturday my baseball team has a tournament only Saturday though. We are playing 3 games. This week is only a four day week and so is next week  due to Easter. Friday, is Good Friday and we have a four day weekend. This will be so fun!



My Research

How Mountains and Oceans Effect Weather

By: Bo Millikan



Did you know that mountains and oceans are a huge part of your climate? You will learn how it is true in this paper. These reasons that are coming up will hopefully persuade you that mountains and oceans effect weather.


Mountains effect the weather in many ways, here will be some of the ways. First, they will block much of the wind and moisture on the windward side. Next, most rain from rain clouds on the windward side creates something called a rain shadow which often creates a desert on the leeward side. These are a few reasons how mountains effect weather.


Now, I will tell you about oceans. The west coast of the USA has a moderate climate by winds on the Pacific Ocean. A crucial role figuring out climate due to its ability to absorb, store, and transport heat. Another reason is seawater is the reason of more precipitation. Next, the first 10 feet of ocean water- most of this in the tropics and subtropics- hold as much heat as the whole atmosphere. Lastly, the ocean responds very slowly in the seasons, this causes it to have a moderating effect on climate. I hope you leaned a few things on how oceans and mountains effect weather.

Week 30

Week 30 was fun! On Monday, we made stuff for track and Monday night was the NCAA National Championship. It was Kentucky versus UConn. Kentucky was lead by freshman phonemes Aaron Harrison, James Young, and Julius Randle.  UConn was lead by a solid senior point guard under the name of Shabazz Naipier. UConn won 60-54. Tuesday was the best of them all because it was track day!! I ran the 400 meter dash and qualified for the Elite Meet! Everyone on track is going except 4th and 5th grade tug of war and 400 by 100 meter relay for 3rd grade. Wednesday, we watched the premiere for the track video. I will post that later. Today is my sister’s birthday she is now 13 years old! Tonight I am spending the night with my best friend/ cousin Baker, because my sister is having about 5 girls sleep over and believe me you wouldn’t want to be there either. This was an awesome week.

IMG_3357I got 4th but it still qualifies.

IMG_5002I am the beautiful model in front of the guy in the yellow shirt.

My Science PowerPoint

Week 29

Week 29 was awesome!! On Monday it was Monday Funday. We made signs for our school’s Track and Field team.  Also, everyone got into Monday Fun Lunch because Mr. Haney wasn’t here last Friday. Wednesday, I went to a private school called CAK and shadowed the UT men’s basketball coach’s son Chase. It was very fun, and Chase is funny and I hung out with some of his other friends John, Dawson, and Thomas. Tomorrow I have baseball at 10:40 A.M. and 2:40 P.M. Also, the final four is tomorrow; the teams left are Florida, Kentucky, UCONN, and Wisconsin. Tomorrow will be awesome. Week 29 was amazing.

snakethis is a snake LoRen found in the garden.

My Research

Science Tools

By: Bo Millikan


I will tell you about science tools.


The first tool I learned about was the Bunsen Burner. It heats substances in the laboratory or wherever you are working. The Bunsen Burner gets to about 1,200 degrees Celsius. This tool was named after Robert Wilhem Bunsen. Bunsen won the Copley Medal.


The next tool I’ll talk about is a MRI Machine. When you are going in you will go in a horizontal tube called the bore. When the human body is placed in it all of the axes line up. The MRI Machine’s magnet is so strong it has the sam amount of gauss as the Earth’s magnetic field. That is strong. I have had two MRI’s when I fractured my back. The machines are really loud.

Week 28

Week 27 was awesome! Here is the research we did:


By: Bo Millikan



The two different types of cells animal and plant cells are different and similar parts. Plant cells have: cell wall cytoplasm, cell membrane, vacuole, nucleus, chloroplast, and mitochondrion. The animal cell has: cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, vacuole, and mitochondrion. Those are the parts of an animal and plant cells.



Plant and animal cells are similar and different. I will tell you how they are alike. First, they both have a nucleus. Next, both have a cell membrane. Then, vacuole that is another reason why they are alike. Next, they both have cytoplasm. Finally, they both have mitochondrion. Now to tell you the differences. First, plants have a cell wall animals do not. Secondly, plants have chloroplast and animals don’t. Third, the plant cell is green and the animal cell is blue. That is how they are similar and different.



Now I will tell you how each cell gets energy. The plant cell gets energy through photosynthesis. The plants need carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water. It happens in the chloroplast. Animal cells need different resources. Animal cells need food that has to be broken into smaller pieces. That has to go through three steps. Those are cells!

Week 27

Week 27 was awesome! This week was Dr. Seuss week at our school. During Dr. Seuss week we celebrate things from his books such as: Monday, we wore crazy socks, Tuesday we wore our favorite/wackiest hat, Wednesday, we had Wacky Wednesday, Thursday was wore green for Green Eggs and Ham, and Friday is twin day. Franklin and I are twins with our track uniforms. This is what we did and it was so fun.



Maui Invitational Research

Maui Invitational Thriller

By: Bo Millikan


I am in Maui, Hawaii for a tournament . I am here because  we are playing for Tennessee Basketball in the Maui Invitational. When I said we, I meant Franklin and me. Franklin is a shooting guard and I am a point guard.


Our Vols are #3 in the nation behind #2 Kentucky and #1 Oklahoma State. Lucky for us, both teams are in the tournament. This will be our chance to be #1. The first team we play is Gonzaga. We got through them no problem 104-88. I had 28 points and 11 assists and Franklin had 19 points and 7 rebounds. Next, we played #17 Whichta State. This game was a little tougher, but the final score was 96-90. I finished with 23 points and 10 assists and Franklin had 21 points and 12 rebounds. Now, we played in two days so we could relax.


Two days later, our team bus was on our way to the arena. There was a little bump in the road literally. The bus  hit a piece of glass and flattened the tire. There were no spare tires. So we would have to walk 19 miles and it would take 2 hours! The game was in 2 hours as well.


After only 6 miles, we started to give up: except senior Jamari Jones. He pushed us to keep trying and he also reminded us that this game was for us to be #1: our goal since day 1. We couldn’t give up now, not after everything it was our turn to be at the top. The team and the coaches ran 11 miles with 1 hour before tip-off. We had 2 more miles and we ran those last 2 miles and got there with 45 minutes before the game started.


We got to rest for 30 minutes. Then we went to warm up. We looked pretty good for running 19 miles. Oklahoma  State’s, Marcus Smart, was just coming out of a 3 game suspension for punching a fan! I asked Franklin, “Do you think he will play good coming off of his suspension?” He replied, “ He is Marcus Smart. Of course he will play good.”


Oklahoma State was 101- 97 with 1 minute remaining in the game. Marcus had 37 points and 15 rebounds. I had 29 points and 14 assists. Franklin had 24 points with 7 rebounds. We drove the ball down and Franklin shot an amazing 3 pointer. Then I stole the inbounds pass and dunked it. That gave us a 1 point lead with 36 seconds left. Then Smart drained a 3. So I took it down with the score 104-102. I  waited for 11 seconds to hit and then we called time out. We made a special designed play for me to shoot an open 3. I had the look, so I attempted it with 1 second left and I absolutely nailed it: money!! Now we were #1. All of our fans were allowed to rush the court, so they did. This was by far the best tournament I have ever been in!


Week 26

Week 26 was awesome. Monday and Tuesday we were doing tryouts for our school’s track team we had cones set up 200 meters. We tried out for the 800 meter run and the the person who got 2nd was going to do the 400 meter. My good friend Owen beat me by 2 seconds so I am in the  400!!! I didn’t want to be in the 800 anyway. So I am really happy. There are 7 people in our class that are in it. The meet will be on April 8. I can’t wait.

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